Delphian School Music Program is a Success… Again!

We are extremely proud of our music program here at Delphian – and this year is no exception.  Not only do we work hard every year to encourage our students to become involved in co-curricular activities like music, art, and sports; our choir wins awards year after year.

Just a few musical activities that our students have been involved in so far this year include: MayorsBall

  • Performing for the Mayor’s Charity Ball during the silent auction.
  • Performing at the Jazz and Pop festival in Scappoose. This was an opportunity to connect and collaborate with other jazz musicians in the area.
  • Participation in a solo and ensemble contest for the district.
  • Performance by the Honor Band.
  • Performances in the All-State Choir.
  • Performance by the Honor Choir for parents and locals.
  • Varsity Choir performance in the Linfield College Small Schools Invitational Choir Festival.

This last performance was a very important one as it allowed our choir to qualify for the State Championships for the 19th consecutive year!

So, with our year off to a really great start, we can only anticipate more fantastic news to come from our music program.

To find out more about our program, watch videos of performances, and discover what our school is all about, go to


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