Delphian Student s Working in the Community

Delphian students are consistently encouraged to participate in community service activities – and this year they have gotten off to a great start.

On January 11th, students from the Delphian School’s Youth for Human Rights Club helped the McMinnville Chapter of Soroptimist International set up a workshop centered around educating people on the topic of human trafficking.  They were then able to attend several workshops on this subject and had their eyes opened to the tragedy of human trafficking and what is being done about it. Food_Bank_Collage

Next was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 20th. Students honored this day by serving their volunteering at the Oregon FoodBank in Beaverton.  This was a rewarding experience in two ways:

First: Students were able to give back to their community by preparing around 4,225 meals.

Second: The FoodBank gave a tour of their facility, during which students learned about hunger in Oregon and how the FoodBank helps to feed about 20% of Oregonians.  This information brought more meaning to their work and helped them understand why community service is so important.

Most recently, on February 1st, students helped in preparations for the Mayor’s Charity Ball, which worked to raise money for the after-school program Kids on the Block.  They created decorations, served food, seated Mayors ballattendees, and played jazz for this event. Students were able to meet Representative Suzanne Bonamici as well as the Mayor.  All attendees appreciated their hard work and the Mayor let the students know that their help was invaluable.

From setting up workshops on human rights to preparing food for the hungry to setting up gala events so other young people can get the education they deserve, students at Delphian have had a very busy start to 2014!

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