Delphian Helps Students Think about the Future

Students attending Delphian are given a very unique education.  Teachers here do not just attempt to make young people memorize facts and figures.  Instead, students are encouraged to study while considering how they can apply the information they are learning in real-life situations. History

This study technique boosts student’s ability to look into the future.  Instead of learning about a topic, they are able to try it out and see if it’s something they enjoy.  As Assistant Headmaster Mark Siegel puts it, students are encouraged to become the causative agents in their lives – to learn how to be the ping pong player in life and not the ping pong ball being batted back and forth.

Each part of the Delphian curriculum is set up with this concept in mind.  Even the Summer at Delphi program has special courses which allow students to explore areas like film, audio/visual, sports, music, acting, art, pottery, and more.  Each step into a different field gives students invaluable decision-making information that will inform their future.

As an example, one student was able to teach a special seminar to Elementary School students on her favorite subject.  This allowed her to see what teaching is like – and gave her a deeper understanding of her chosen topic.

Another student mixed her understanding of science with her love for Chinese New Year.  She was able to have an unforgettable New Year by creating her own fireworks in science lab.

We have a student who mixed her passion for art with her love of fashion.  The result was a set of great fashion sketches which she was able to bring to life in the form of clothes that she then wore.  This allowed her to see that a future in fashion design was actually possible.

Every year we have amazing students and graduates who pursue their dreams.  These students are able to go on and have a fantastic career in their chosen profession.  They don’t let circumstances alone judge their future – they make their own future.

Find out more about the Delphian program at – or find out about the Summer School program at


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