English as a Second Language

The Delphian School’s English as a Second Language program provides students who speak a language other than English with an excellent opportunity.  Not only is the student learning from teachers who speak English as their first language, he or she is fully immersed in the English language.

Students don’t just learn English as part of our ESL program; they also learn the study philosophy around which Delphian is based.  This means they learn how to learn any subject effectively and independently – using Delphian’s study methods.

Students attending beginning ESL classes over the summer have the opportunity to find out more about Delphian.  Attending the six-week summer camp session of ESL gives our students the tools they need to continue on at Delphian for the rest of their high school career.

Even if a student only attends the Summer at Delphi ESL program, they will gain valuable knowledge that will benefit them for life.  They will attain a knowledge of the English language, but they will also find out how to use the effective study methods utilized by each and every one of our students.

The first step Delphian takes in helping students gain the ability to learn on their own is: empowering them as students.  To find out the rest of the steps utilized in the Delphian study philosophy, and to learn more about the English as a Second Language program, go to www.Delphian.org.


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