Holidays at Delphian

The normally full halls of Delphian are quiet.  Our students have left for home over the winter break.  But, before they went home, they formed indelible memories in these hallways, at Mt. Hood, and in the chapel.

The Saturday before the winter break, Upper School students danced the night away at the Winter Ball.  Student decorated and student run, the ball was filled with glamor, holiday cheer, and plenty of fun.

Prior to this final school-wide activity for the year, students had plenty of holiday fun.  A crew of “elves” decorated the school from top to bottom.  Trees were brought in, snowflakes were hung indoors, and the school was filled with cheer.  The traditional gingerbread house-building competition added to the festive mood, along with pass the parcel and other games.

A winter festival and bazaar opened in the school where student-made art and delicious treats were sold.  After the fun and commerce, guests went to the chapel for a musical performance from the Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle, Elementary, and Lowers School choirs.  These performances were enjoyed by students, staff, faculty, alumni, parents, and locals in the community.


Outside of the school, the annual Mt. Hood ski trip was held.  Students went out to this 11,300 foot tall mountain to spend a weekend skiing and snowboarding.

After such a fun-packed winter, it’s no wonder students have left these hallowed halls for home.  They need to rest and recharge for a wonderful new year filled with academic achievement – and plenty of fun!

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