Delphian Students Learn History by Practical Example

Delphian Elementary School students learned all about how pioneers and American Indians lived by building their own log cabin and American Indian village.  The students spent the time to make the site as accurate as possible and created Indian-inspired paintings.  To learn even more about this time period, students studied the history of pioneers and American Indians, took a field trip to the Yamhill Historical Museum, and even lived one day just as the pioneers would have.

In the classroom, students were split into four groups – two pioneer families and two American Indian tribes.  They 02_collage_YC_Museumresearched the heritage of the family or tribe they were part of – this included where they came from, traditional dishes of the period, childhood games from that time, and more.  They had the chance to make traditional dishes like spiced apples, corn mash, and beef jerky.

When the students had gained the knowledge and understanding of their assigned tribes and families, they put on a special presentation for about 40 guests.  These included teachers, seminar leaders, afternoon class instructors, parents, and more.  Students handed out samples from the traditional dishes they made, spoke about their assigned family histories, and played a traditional game with the whole group.

Students were able to learn about American history in an interactive and interesting way. Javier Montalvo, an Elementary School teacher involved in this project, said: “My students were able to tie in all the things they have been learning to a hands-on project that will leave lasting memories.”03_collage_food

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