Why Choose a Boarding School?

Many parents worry about sending their child to boarding school.  It’s a difficult decision for any family to make.  However, there are many statistics to encourage any parent to consider Delphian’s boarding school program.  Here are just a few facts about boarding schools:Delphian Building

  • According to a study done on boarding schools by The Association of Boarding Schools, 91% of students report that their boarding school is academically challenging.  This is more than both public schools (50% of student found them academically challenging) and private day schools (70% of students for them academically challenging). The Delphian program requires graduates to meet a very specific set of graduation requirements which includes life skills, practical application of academic information learned at school, as well as a deep understanding of that information.
  • 75% of students report that the peers with which they surround themselves at boarding school help to motivate them.  Only 49% of students could say this of public school.
  • 77% of students say their boarding school provides them with opportunities for leadership.  60% said this of their private day school, while only 52% of students said this regarding their public school. At Delphian, we provide opportunities for leadership and participation in student led activities to students and even to alumni.  Additionally, graduates of Delphian must have competently held a position of trust and responsibility in one of these groups.
  • Students at boarding schools devote more time to homework and extracurricular activities than those students attending a public or private day school.
  • Graduates of boarding schools are 11% more likely to achieve greater career advancement than graduates of public schools.

Not only do our students have more opportunity for advancement in life than students in other schools, at Delphian we help our students focus on their communication with family.  We ensure our students keep in close touch with their family while they are at school, so that home visits are wonderful for our students, their parents, and their siblings.  For more information about our program, visit www.Delphian.com.


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