The Importance of Community Service at The Delphian School

At Delphian, our students participate in community service activities regularly.  Whether they are caroling during the holidays, planting flowers, volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank, or working with Habitat for Humanity, students are participating in community projects all year long.

Community service allows a young person to participate in what is going on locally and awakens them to the responsibility to their community.  Graduates from Delphian have taken this experience to heart and have gone on to help others throughout the world by becoming involved in international human rights and creating films set around the world to bring light to the needs of others.  These are only a couple of projects which Delphian graduates are a part of, there are many more.

Community Service-AfterGrad

Several of the recent community service projects were completed, in all types of weather.  These projects including work for Habitat for Humanity, the Evergreen Aviation Museum, and the city – with a beautification project along Rock Creek Road.

Community service1

Community Service3

Community service4

Our students consider their community service projects an opportunity to do good, to beautify the world around them and to help others.  You can see their attitude firsthand in this video:

These experiences and many others are part of the reason so many students at Delphian participate in community service projects.  In the end, it contributes toward our mission: “To send forth responsible, capable individuals who can help build a better world.”

Find out more about the Delphian mission and how our students and teachers team up to accomplish this goal at our website,


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