Delphian School Encourages Creativity

At Delphian, creativity and creative expression are integral parts of the curriculum.  Recent studies have show that the current educational system places too much importance on testing and not enough emphasis on teaching creativity.  Our curriculum has gone against the grain and placed the emphasis on both creativity and practical learning, which is a form of creativity in itself.

Not only does Delphian include fine art classes in its elective courses, but classes for music, drama, woodshop, photography, creative writing, pottery, video production, and many others.  These classes are an essential part of the school program – there is even a regularly scheduled time for such classes.  Such classes are labeled “co-curriculars”, rather than “extra-curricular activities.”  This is because they aren’t extra.  Each student participates in artistic endeavors as part of their education.

Delphian students also apply what they have learned in class in a practical and creative manner.  One example of such application is our yearly Rocket Day, where students of all ages build and launch rockets under the supervision of teachers.  Another example was a student who built a firework in science lab to celebrate Chinese New Year.  These may not seem like the traditional sense of “creativity,” but when you consider the heart, excitement, and ingenuity of the young people working on these projects, you will surely see the creativity they bring to bear.

To find out more about Delphian’s creative programs, our curriculum, our philosophy of practical application, or anything else, go to


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