The Teaching Philosophy at Delphian

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At the Delphian School, our goal is to send forth responsible, capable individuals who can help build a better world.  It might be trite to say, but today’s children are mankind’s future.  According to our assistant headmaster, Mark Siegel, every child has genius within them and has the capacity to change the world,

While this may seem an unreasonable expectation, consider these statistics:

At the age of 5, 100% of students believe they can and will change the world.  By the age of 9, that number reduces by half.  By the age of 16, only 2% of students believe they are geniuses and can change the world.

Additionally, young people are indeed changing the world every day.  Consider Malala Yousafzai who began supporting education in Pakistan and spoke out against the Taliban at only 15 years old.  Consider 15 year old Jack Andraka who developed a method for detecting pancreatic cancer. Consider Kaitlin Brand, a 16 year old who shared her personal message about her mother’s suicide with the world and encouraged all watchers to get help if they are considering such a drastic measure.

These young people, along with many, many more around the world are not only brilliant, they are changing the world.  The goal at Delphian is to bring out the genius in all of our students.  Each and every student who graduates from our school has the tools and capacity to build a better world.

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