Delphian School Kindles a Love of Science on Rocket Day

The tradition of Rocket Day has been observed for over 25 years at the Delphian School.  This is a day when students build their own, individual rockets from kits and launch them together in a supervised activity.

There are three different types of rocket launched on Rocket Day.  They are ranked in order of difficulty and challenge.

The first is a small rocket without a parachute.  This is a relatively easy rocket to build.

The second is the Skywriter rocket, which is larger and takes about 30 minutes longer to build.

The third option is the 78 inch tall Mean Machine rocket – a clear choice for Rocket Day veterans or any rocket aficionados.

On the day before the launch, the student inserts the engine into his or her rocket.  The following day – Rocket Day – is the day of the launch.  Students and faculty gather to set off, assist in, and watch the rockets launch.

This activity instills a love of science in students and allows them hands-on experience in the scientific arena. Delphian School’s science teacher, Marty Shaw, says: “The building and launching of these rockets is a great opportunity for kids to not only experience science as a hands-on activity, but also to learn that science can be fun!”

Rocket Day is just another example of Delphian’s practical approach to education.  To find out more about the Delphian curriculum, our practical approach to education, and more, go to


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