Diet at Delphian

A nutritious diet is essential to students around the world – and with an international student body, providing excellent nutrition to all students is vital at Delphian.  This is why we provide food that is far above the normal “cafeteria-style” food expected at any school.

Daily meals are provided by Sage Dining, a dining service which specializes not only in well-balanced menus, but in flavorful, fresh and varied meals.  Each meal is cooked from scratch – often from locally grown, organic produce.  The menus provided by this service are constantly changing and are created specifically for the Delphian community.  Each season they feature the freshest products available for that time of year, here in the Pacific Northwest.  There are vegan and vegetarian options offered at many meals and organic vegetables and greens offered at the salad bar.

Our dining facility is a place for students and faculty alike to eat and relax, while discussing classes, collaborating, or simply enjoying the view of the oak and fir forest surrounding the school.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in this spacious environment.

Constantly striving to improve the quality of food we serve to our students and faculty, Delphian provides the following:

  • No hydrogenated oils are used during meal preparation.
  • Freshly ground sea salt is provided to season food.
  • Only cage-free eggs and hormone and antibiotic-free milk are served.
  • Organic peanut butter is available in the snack room.  This is peanut butter that is free from hydrogenated oils and sugar additives.
  • Only hormone and anti-biotic free pork is served.
  • Gourmet meat is purchased locally from Carlton Farms whenever possible.  This local farm uses no artificial ingredients, coloring, hormones or preservatives in their meat.

We provide an excellent educational environment at Delphian – and we believe that increased nutrition and healthy food will enhance our student’s experience while attending school here.  You can view the ever-changing menu provided by Sage Dinging here. (LINK: )

For more information about our educational philosophy, our curriculum, and how our students experience Delphian go to


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