Delphian School Art Program

At Delphian, we provide an excellent art program for our students and encourage them to learn, develop, and improve their skills in many different artistic endeavors.  Our art classes are available for students of all ages.  Children in Lower School (kindergarden through third grade) can create using ceramics, music, drama, painting, drawing, paper-mache, and printmaking.  As our students grow in age and skill, more classes and opportunities to create using music, dramatic presentation, film, paint, sculpture and more become available to them.

This summer, our students will have the opportunity to attend the “Shoot the Scene” Film Camp with Jem Schofield of theC47.  This camp will help students move through the process of shooting a scene from script to completely filmed scene.

This is just one example of the fun and educational art opportunities provided at Delphian.  Another is our award winning Varsity Jazz Choir.  Students in this choir not only learn to sing and harmonize, they learn team building and social lessons as well.

At Delphian we encourage our student to expand their knowledge and understanding of any art in which they are interested.  To this end, there is a section of the school dedicated to recording and practice rooms for any musical instrument, an expansive art room, as well as Friday Night Performance (FNP) where students gather and perform.  There is also student art on display throughout Delphian in the form of murals, paintings, sculpture, and photography.

To find out more about the Delphian art program, visit our website at  To find out more about the Summer at Delphi, 2013, visit


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