How the Delphian Curriculum Works

At the Delphian School, we have gone beyond the average high school educational paradigms and developed a new and effective approach to education.  Our students not only learn new topics, they retain this information even after the appropriate test has been taken.

The school was developed by a group of educators who saw that conventional “good schools” were failing the many bright students who passed through their doors.  These educators formed the goal to empower their students to take responsibility for their own education – and for their own lives. trev_w_students_7351

Delphian is a unique environment which empowers students by first teaching them the basics of learning itself.  After this is done, students are actively engaged in studying at their own pace through their academic pursuits.  In order to help students retain information learned, they are encouraged to build clay models, discuss, and get involved in the practical application of what they are learning.

The ways in which the academic information students learn can be molded into real world application are as varied as our students.  For example, one student worked with others this last spring to build a new playground on the school premises.  Another student utilized the trigonometry he learned to build a skateboard.

Teachers at Delphian don’t lecture at students.  They help individual students working at their own pace to move through their studies and sort out difficulties or confusions.  Each class is relatively small as compared with your average public high school.  This ensures personalized attention for each student.

Because it is a boarding school environment, students have the opportunity to become involved in more activities than another type of school may offer.  There are many extra-curricular activities offered at the Delphian school, from art classes to choir to sports.  Students are also encouraged to pursue their own projects and to work with other students on projects.

One recent graduate said: “I never expected that I could become so capable in only four years.  For the change I went through, four years was such an incredibly small period of time.   Even though the experience is one I can’t fully put into words, I guess one of the best ways to describe it would be to say that Delphian challenged me to challenge myself – because no one else was making me do anything.  That determinism was my own.” – Ian Carberry

Another graduate said:  “Looking back on my Delphian experience, I can see that I have done some amazing things.  I never would’ve believed when I first arrived here that I could direct a play, or help plan a trip to Europe, or be able to make an entire yearbook.  I also never thought I would be able to graduate from Delphian.  I am proud to say that I have done all of these things.

“I arrived at Delphian a small boy.  I am proud to say I leave Delphian as a grown and capable person with the confidence to accomplish anything.” – Zack Bittner

Find out more about the Delphian program, and discover what our recent graduates have to say about our program at


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