Delphian Students Preparing for Summer

Summer is almost upon us!  At Delphian, our summer program is a challenging and fun program for young people.  We help students gain academic knowledge throughout summer – but they also have the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities and weekend trips.White water rafting

Not all of our students will be participating in the summer program; for example we have a student working on his collegiate future by going to college classes this summer.  However, many existing students, several new students, and quite a few ESL students will be participating in our summer program.

What is so special about our summer program?  Here are just some of the activities our students may have a chance to participate in this year:

Camps: Film Camp, Soccer Camp, Horse Camp, Volleyball Camp, Tennis Camp

Activities: Archery, Music, Drama, Horseback riding, Flag football, Soccer, Basketball, Crafts, Photography, Volleyball, A/V, Softball, Pottery, Art, Yoga, and more.Summer at Delphi 1

Classes: Public speaking, Economics, Arithmetic, Chemistry, Personal ethics, How to study, Research skills, Manners, Needlepoint, First aid, Drug education, History, Circulatory system, and many more.

Weekend Trips (Upper School): Seattle trip, Portland walking tour, Speed-boating, Beach trip, Water park, Sand dunes trip, and White water rafting.

Weekend Trips (Middle School): River rafting and camping, Water park, Speed boating, Visiting OMSI, Seattle trip, Beach trip, Lazer tag and more, and Camping on the coast.

The students who are staying on for summer or who are attending our school for the first time have the opportunity not only to grow academically, but to use what they have learned in real-life – and they get to have fun while doing it!

Find out more about our Summer at Delphian Program at


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