Delphian Spring Break

When most schools have their Spring Break, they generally have to worry about the older students, and hope they don’t get into trouble.  Not at Delphian.  Our students accomplished much over the break.

For example, when we interviewed D. Min from South Korea about what he did on Spring break, he replied that he was mostly resting while visiting his sister in Chicago.  He went on to describe his restful time as reading the book iStock_000000933134XSmallDemocracy in America, visiting the Chicago Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.  It makes sense that all of this would be a relaxing break for a young man who was one of the organizers of the Dance-a-thon this year and who recently graduated from student council.

Another one of our students, M. Karl, was involved in an internship in Los Angeles over Spring Break.  He helped outline the story for an animated feature film, aided in troubleshooting, learned a screenwriting software program, and used this knowledge to format a movie screenplay.  His mentor took him to a talent agency, gave him a tour and helped arrange a meeting with an agent.  He got the opportunity to watch a taping of the TV show “Two and a Half Men” and was able to meet the director.  Finally, he was able to meet Steve Berra, who imparted advice on how to further his film-making education while still attending school at Delphian.  His mentor said “Mikai made a great impression on everyone one of those people, and most of all he made a great impression on me.  Intelligent, respectful, ambitious, ethical, and an overall joy to be around – I was sorry to say goodbye to him, but I look forward to sitting in a movie theater one day and seeing the words ‘directed by Mikai Karl’.”

Not only did our students get the opportunity to participate in fantastic educational and career-making opportunities over Spring Break, they got a chance to visit their family and homes.  For example, K. Currier went home to Colorado and spent time with her parents, her brothers, and her sister.  She baked pies for them that were so delicious that when they were presented at a dinner party her mother held, one of the guests gave her a job offer at his bakery.

Another student spent time helping his family move in to their new home.  He also studied about cars and the auto industry – as that is the area in which he is looking to start a career when he graduates.  In addition to all of this, he read Common Sense and the Rights of Man by Thomas Payne.

At Delphian, we help our students focus on the important things in their growing lives – family and education.  Our goal is to have graduates who are fully prepared to go out into the world and achieve their dreams.  As part of this, we help our students focus on their family connections, their future careers and their studies.  To learn more about boarding and about our program, go to


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