Delphian School Athletes

At Delphian, we have found that athletics requires a student to develop physical as well as mental and social skills.  The physical skills developed in any athletics program are obvious – hand eye coordination, balance, strength, improved heart health and muscle development, etc.  However, the mental and social skills developed by a well-rounded athletics program are more subtle. Delphian-athletics

Our students learn discipline, cooperation, sportsmanship, ability to work well in a group setting, and more from sports.   We emphasize these points in our athletics program, as this is where students can see real-world application of their ability to work well with others.  In fact, our students take pride in upholding the long tradition of Delphian sportsmanship.  We often win the sportsmanship trophies from league or tournament competitions.

Delphian students are not limited to team sports.  While our students play soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, baseball, and softball – we offer additional sports activities to our students.  These activities include yoga, running, weight training, Delphian Teachers and Students at Bendsnowboarding, skiing, swimming, and hiking.  However, all Delphian students are required to play at on at least one Junior Varsity or Varsity team before graduating the Delphian School.

Because of the wide variety of sports offered, there are always athletic activities for students to become involved with at Delphian.  To learn more about our athletic program, or any aspect of our school, visit our website at


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