Delphian Summer Program

In the Delphian summer program, we offer new students a unique opportunity to work on a one-on-one basis as needed on an academic program tailored just for them.

After a student has mastered the basic courses and classes we offer (which encompass the subject of how to study) they can brush up on any topic of study they feel weak on, start on advanced studies in a variety of subjects, or take the opportunity to study new subjects.  We offer over 250 courses and classes every summer.

Not do we provide academic fodder for our students, we provide weekend activities both off and on campus.  These activities range from white-water rafting to camping, from shopping to hiking.

We are home to students from many countries other than the United States – like Japan, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Germany, Canada, Austria, France, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Turkey, Brazil, Philippines, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, and Russia.  Our students get the opportunity to experience a variety of cultures and make friends from all around the world.

Additionally, our program for beginning ESL is available during the summer program.  This gives English as a second language students the opportunity to learn the language, and learn the unique study techniques Delphian offers.  It also gives students who are just learning English the opportunity to talk with native speakers, while involved in every day and after school activities.

The summer program is an opportunity for students to learn about the Delphian School, to meet children from all around the world, to learn about new cultures, to learn new languages, to discover new academic topics, and to have plenty of fun while doing it.

To learn more about the Delphian School summer program, visit our website at  We are accepting applications for summer 2013.


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