Delphian School ESL Program

The Delphian School is attended by children from many different countries, who speak a wide variety of languages.  This makes our English as a Second Language program important for those who are not native English-speakers, and wish be competitive in English-speaking countries.  To accomplish this, we have found it is necessary for a student to understand and speak the language, as well as have the ability to increase their vocabulary with further study of the language.  This is why the first step in our ESL program is a course which improves the students’ ability to study.  The course itself requires the student achieve a specific level of vocabulary, which our students attain by studying vocabulary-building reading, writing, and conversation courses.  Once our student has prepared for and taken this course for effective study, their ability to learn new words in the English language increases.

Our ESL program is based on the students’ competence in the English language – not on how long they have attended classes.  After they take the course on effective study, their understanding of which words to use at which moment develops through conversation, reading, writing, and dictionary use.  Our goal is to teach our ESL students to apply what they have learned in class – not for them to learn something for a test and then forget it again.

The beginning ESL program is available only during our summer program.  However, our summer program isn’t all ESL classes.  The summer program is designed to challenge students both in and out of the classroom with academics, sports camps, weekend trips, and more.  Every year, approximately 300 students attend this summer program from across the US and from other countries like Japan, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Germany, Canada, Austria, France, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Turkey, Brazil, Philippines,  Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, and Russia.

Our intermediate level ESL program is available year-round.  In this program, we provide education in basic English reading, writing, culture, and conversation.  Students completing the program are then placed in the same class as native English-speaking students.  These students may not speak perfect English, but after our ESL program their English speaking ability is developed enough to be competitive in a class of native English speakers.

To learn more about the Delphian School English as a Second Language Program, got to our website at  There you can find out about the unique experiences we offer our students.


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