Delphian Students: Champions of Freedom

The four points of the Delphian logo are: knowledge, ethics, integrity and leadership. As students move through their academic courses and gain new knowledge, they are constantly asked to look beyond the school walls and compare that knowledge with the outside world.

In our most advanced current events class, for example, the headmistress, Rosemary Didear, has interacted with students discussing topics from the ideal political system to poverty on the African continent and conflict in the Middle East.

Other students met with a stockbroker who spent years hiring for a large company, and who was able to share his insights on what makes an ideal employee.

In science seminar, students pose questions, research answers and test them. Science seminar students also interacted with the CEO of Willamette Valley Medical Center to learn about the factors leading to high insurance costs and how those factors will affect their futures.

Our purpose at Delphian is to train leaders for the next generation, and that means challenging them to look beyond themselves and beyond their own friends and families. As they move through the forms, they are building a foundation of responsibility and leadership.

At Delphian School, we believe it is our children who will determine the future, for good or bad. They need the skills to look beyond pop culture and the latest music or fashion craze to see the bigger picture. Each student’s educational program involves real-world application of what they learn in the classroom.

The video below, made by Youth for Human Rights Club members, Ian Carrberry and Angad Chawla, is a great expression of how Delphian School students are taking these logo points and turing it into real-world application.

These two students created the video Freedom to submit to a competition held by the Frederick Douglass Family Foundation, receiving 2nd place in this national competition. It commemorates the 100 Days to Freedom in 1862 which led to the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Learn more about Delphian’s practical application program or our proficiency-based approach to education by visiting our website at


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