How Delphian Encourages Studying Classic Literature and Theater

At the Delphian School, students read a variety of books and are encouraged to look deeper into the communication offered through the books. From Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged to Shakespeare’s Hamlet to Jack London’s Sea Wolf, the literature program covers a wide variety of topics.

ShakespeareDelphian students are also encouraged to learn more about theater. They are given several opportunities throughout the year to act or work backstage in various performances put on by the school. The Delphian School also takes an annual trip to Ashland, Oregon, to see Ashland’s world-renowned Shakespeare Festival.

Our Shakespeare Trip is open to Upper School (high school) students of any level. Students leave Saturday morning in vans to Ashland, where they check into a hotel. They see one play on Saturday, eat and have time to explore the town. On Sunday, the students eat, check out of the hotel, take a backstage tour of the three magnificent theaters the troupe performs in, and sees a second play.

This year the students (and staff members Alan and Joelle Rothe) saw Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and George S. Kaufman’s Animal Crackers. On the backstage tour, students were able to see the theater’s “green room,” watch a set being changed, see examples of costumes from the first idea to the clothes worn on stage, learn the history of the acting troupe and how the theaters came to be built, and discover how many people were involved in the production of each show and the different roles those people played, on and off stage.

Students interested in theater and literature often rave about the competence of the actors, the beauty of the town and the excitement of the theater. It is a very exciting excursion that students look forward to year after year!

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