Delphian School emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills

Delphian School 2011 Business Trip in D.C.

Delphian School 2011 Business Trip in D.C.

There’s a burning issue regarding the importance of teaching critical thinking skills in schools today. The problem being that many students lack the skills to search efficiently for information – even when abundant information is available to them – students have difficulty, or are just plain unable, to sift through it.

A study conducted by Dan Bouhnik and Yahel Giat or Jerusalem College of Technology, found that formal logic can help high school students in an age where information is abundant and the skills to critically read, analyze, and evaluate it is absolutely vital.

The study led to the findings that “Studying critical thinking in high school allows students to incorporate these skills into their learning process at an earlier age, thereby providing continuity and a strong foundation from which to expand during college level instruction, ultimately resulting in greater skill retention.”

This necessity to teach critical thinking is even more significant when teaching high school students (rather than college students) who are still learning how to confront real-life problems.

At Delphian, we feel it is not only important to teach critical thinking skills — it’s vital. That’s why students are taught the logic series from the most basic to the more advanced as they progress through the high school (or Upper School) program.

In their first year of Upper School, students are introduced to logic basics for application, where a student learns to evaluate facts and use reliable information to make effective decisions and implement correct solutions.

As a student progresses through the Delphian Upper School program, he or she learns how to properly trace down the basic cause of problems and implement realistic solutions based on thorough logical analysis.

With the advanced section of the Logic Series, students begin to refine their investigatory abilities, learning how to discover the correct reason for a decline or failure.

To read more about Delphian’s unique approach to teaching critical thinking skills, click here: Applied Philosophy & Logic

To read the study in its entirety, visit:

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Delphian School is a premiere, international, K-12 day and boarding school, celebrating 36 years of its unique proficiency-based educational methodology, including college preparatory, English-as-a-Second-Language, and summer programs. Delphian School is an accredited member of the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools and an active member of the Oregon Federation of Independent Schools; the school is licensed to use Applied Scholastics educational services. Delphian School is located southwest of Portland in the abundant Willamette Valley, heart of Oregon’s family-friendly wine country.


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