April 9th is Visiting Day at Delphian School!

Delphian students in SeattleOn Monday, April 9th, Delphian School is offering a “Visit Delphian Day” for prospective students and their families.

Kindergarten through Middle School students will have a “buddy” from the class they visit and will spend the day with their buddy participating in the various activities. During the day they will attend class, work in the science lab if they are interested, and even participate in some afternoon elective classes such as music or computer science. Diagnostic testing in math, reading, spelling, writing, etc. will be done as the interest of the student allows. Each visiting student will get the opportunity to create a special project to take home at the end of the day.

High School aged students will receive a personal tour of the school with their family, can enjoy lunch in our dining room, find out more about our summer and regular school year programs, and possibly attend some elective classes.

If you would like your child to attend, or if you know someone that you would like to have come for such a visit, call me at 503-843-3521 ext. 385 to discuss the details.

Terrie Arnold
503-843-3521 ext. 385


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