A summer at Delphi changed our daughter’s life

Delphian School‘s Summer at Delphi program teaches students a study method so life-changing the adventures are extra…

Happy Delphian student

“We cannot say enough great things about Delphi’s Summer academic program. They use many different study tools so the students really understand what they are learning. Attending the summer program in Oregon literally changed our daughter’s life.” – Delphian Parent

Delphi’s unique approach to learning begins by teaching students how to learn, imparting study skills that will last a lifetime. Set in the rolling hills of Oregon’s scenic Willamette Valley, our 800-acre campus offers the perfect setting for an exciting and challenging summer program.

With lots of personal attention, students can choose from over 250 courses and classes tailored to their interests, applying these new study skills to get ahead for next year or sort out more difficult subjects. For thirty-six years, Summer at Delphi has been helping students from around the world, and with life-changing results.

The Summer at Delphi program also includes a wealth of exciting activities like archery, pottery, horseback riding, music, sports camps and weekend adventure trips like whitewater rafting, waterfall hikes and visits to Seattle and the Oregon coast.  An English-as-a-Second Language program is also offered.  Summer at Delphi regularly plays hosts to students from as many as eighteen countries..

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