What It Takes To Turn A Career Interest Into Real-Life Results

Delphian Schools mission is to empower young people with effective study skills, a solid academic foundation, a strong sense of personal integrity and a wide range of abilities.

Our focus is on assisting students to align their education to their lives. Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to get involved in the field of their career interests with on-site apprenticeships.

Senior Serene Pal has an interest in the field of engineering. She recently did an apprenticeship at a company that manufactures car parts and prototypes, and our film crew was there to see what she learned.

Watch the video below to see the results…

“I realized after I did this apprenticeship, how much Delphi did [sic] to get their students to where they [the students] wanted to be,” says Pal. “After doing this apprenticeship, I also realized how much there is to learn out there, and it really streamlined my interests even more. Overall, it was just a very great experience.”

Interested in learning how Delphian can support your child in his or her growth? Visit Delphian’s website to learn more:


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