Delphian School and The Red Cross Blood Drive

blood driveFor the first time ever, Delphian School Upper School ran a blood drive with the Red Cross. Delphian School student Bob Dearborn coordinated the event. Bob has a passion for helping others, and when he was given the opportunity to do a project that helped the community as part of his academic graduation requirements, he came up with the idea for the blood drive.

Not only did he organize all the logistics for this project, but he also was thoughtful enough to provide snacks for the crew that came to help. Red Cross workers were extremely impressed with his initiative and care.

The blood drive was student-attended and student-donation blood drive. Professionals from the American Red Cross set up at Delphian School’s Larson Hall Conference Center to collect donations from a total of 25 donors.

Bob said, “This project was a challenge in many ways, and from it I gained the ability to be responsible for many areas at once. I also improved my capacity for planning and foresight, as well as my sales communication skills. Not everyone seeks deliberate skin punctures and going back to class a quart low.”

Bob had to demonstrate that foresight and responsibility to ensure things went smoothly and all logistical points were covered. The project set and met a first-ever target of 25 donors, all of whom were happy to help a good cause.

Delphian students red cross
With the winter drive over, Bob now has his eyes set on the spring drive.

At Delphian School, each student’s educational program involves real-world application of what they learn in the classroom. by visiting our website at


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