Encouraging Community

As Delphian encourages community participation from the entire student body, Delphian Scholl students participate a Community Service Day twice a year – once in the fall and once in the spring. This is a day when the entie school reaches out into the local community to help others and give back to their surroundings.

For this term’s service day, participating Upper school students were divided into seven groups. Each group went to one of several selected volunteer areas: Natural Connections, St. Vincent de Paul donations center, Dear Meadow Retirement Community, the Sheridan Public Library, West Hills Center, McMinnville Public Library, Habitat for Humanity, and the Gospel Mission Shelter.

“Students take more responsibility for their community and natural environment after they participate in the Community Service day,” said Zachary Prescod, the student who was in charge of organizing and coordinating this activity. “By participating in Delphian School’s Community Service day, students can spend their time doing something meaningful for others. It’s really our pleasure to support our local community.”

Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series researched and written by Delphian School students. Each student’s educational program involves real-world application of what they learn in the classroom. Learn more about this aspect of the unique education offered at Delphian.


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