Art & Education

This year finds me once again here at Delphian School, but this time on Form 7. That’s approximately equivalent to 11th grade, except we don’t have grades here—we have Forms, of which there are only eight (Form 6 through Form 8 are in the Upper School), because you do so much more in a Form than you could in a grade.

In my opinion a grade is just another step in building our academic requirements so that we can hurry up and get out of high school. A Form is much more challenging. You gain practical abilities, leadership and communication skills in addition to academic knowledge. I’ve said before that I’ve always felt I was mature, but I’ve matured the most and become much more intellectual in my three years at Delphian. Each Form (especially the Upper School Forms 6, 7 and 8) is in a sense its own journey.

For a long time I’ve held Form 7 in a very high regard, although I know that Form 8 is amazing, too. I’ve wanted to be on Form 7 for a while and now I am! I’m on the first course, which is actually a course called Education, and I actually think it’s the most interesting thing I’ve ever studied—or at least it’s pretty up there. The course tells you about the history and philosophy of education, how it came to be practiced the way it is today, and it helps you sort out how you should really treat children and teach them: as self-determined individuals.

Also, I’m studying guitar, yoga and art in the afternoons and those are all very fun. I feel I’m really improving in these areas. And of course, how could I forget? Art Seminar. By far my absolute favorite engagement in all of my Delphian history. Last week I actually woke up every morning thinking that day was Wednesday (which is when Art Seminar is held) and then I had to remind myself that it was only Monday or Tuesday. If you’ve read some other things I’ve written, you already know that I’m an art fanatic. But in Art Seminar we don’t learn technique or talk history or study anything in particular actually. We talk about things like: “what is art really?” and we learn how much we really can create and do. Our abilities are endless. I don’t just learn about art in Art Seminar; I learn about life.





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