Delphian and My Success

When I was asked to contribute to this blog and talk about how my Delphian education has helped me in my career and life, I thought, “Wow, where do I start?” I mean, how can I fit into one small blog post all of the amazing things that have come my way as a result of being taught to be hardworking, professional, trustworthy and an independent learner?

Well, let’s start with my career. Basically, I’m doing EXACTLY what I want to be doing. I have a successful custom portraiture business specializing in outdoor, natural light photography of children and families. I get to make money playing with kids in fields and taking their picture at the same time (pinch me!). I decided a few years ago that I was going to follow my dream and actually make a decent living doing it. There were naysayers as there always seem to be when one sets out to do something they’ve dreamed of doing. They said that I wouldn’t make enough money; they said that I was trying to do something thousands of others had attempted and failed at; some even said that it was a stupid decision and I should go back to an administrative job. I didn’t agree.

That’s when my Delphian education stepped in. The first part was self-determinism and self-confidence. I knew what I wanted, and I believed in myself strongly enough to know, without a shred of doubt, that I was going to start my business and make it successful. The second part came with the ability to do my own research and teach myself. I learned this from the independent study program at Delphian. We had to take ourselves through our own courses and lessons—no one else was going to do it for us.

The third part was the ability to work really, really hard and be a trustworthy, professional business person. I would guess that this is where people usually fall on their face when starting a business. They don’t realize exactly how much work it’s going to take and, when things don’t go quite as they planned, they back off and fail to persist through the dips. Any Delphian graduate can tell you that they only got through the program because they worked really hard, did top-notch work and persisted to the end of the program. That experience, in itself, has been invaluable. 

I’m honored to be sharing a piece of my story with you here and I’m so very thankful to my parents for doing what it took to send me to Delphian. Would I send my own kids there? In a heartbeat.

Jill Carmel, Class of ’99


Click here to visit Delphian School’s website.


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