Ending the Tyranny of the Lecture

Today I read two articles in the same email newsletter.  They were “hot”!  In this blog, I’ll discuss the first article – Ending the ‘tyranny of the lecture’.

It features Harvard University physics professor Eric Mazur who thinks that “lecturing is an outdated—and largely ineffective—strategy for imparting knowledge.”  The article said that he asked his audience to think of a skill they were good at, then tell how they got good at it.  Not surprising, the lecture method never came up.

He thinks that we need to get past the transfer of information, and that students actually have “to do something with this information to make it stick…to actually assimilate it and take ownership of it, so they can apply this knowledge in a different context. If students can’t do that, he said, then they haven’t really learned anything.”

Hmm…this must sound familiar to anyone familiar with the Delphian School program.  I love that others are catching on.  This is very exciting.  

Professor Mazur points out that schools and colleges focus on information transfer, “while leaving the critical second step—assimilation—to students outside of class”.  As you read in an earlier blog about the Khan Academy, the flipped classroom is one approach being tried by many teachers, led by Salman Khan.


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