My children have the tools to succeed

“I’m so happy both of my kids attended the Delphian School and graduated from it. I feel like I have accomplished something important. It’s been challenging for us, and we had to overcome many barriers, but all has been worth it at the end.

The Delphi Program is incredible. My kids started from the beginning in preschool at the Delphi Academy in Florida. Then they went to the Delphian School. During the years that they were there, I never felt sad for not having them with me; I felt calm and happy. I knew they were in the best place, and they were so happy and doing so well. It’s an awesome feeling for a parent not to worry about what their teenagers are doing in this world today.

As graduates they are masters of literacy and science, well versed in the arts and physical exercise. Most importantly, they can use reason and hold their position when faced with adversity. They can study anything or face any situation in life and handle it. They have become more “themselves” and have confidence in themselves. They have the tools to succeed in Life.

So up there, at the top as one of my life accomplishments is: Both of my kids received a full Delphian education and graduated from the Delphian School.”


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