The Delphi Program

The Delphi Program is a unique, integrated approach to learning. Each high school graduate meets specific ability requirements, all encompassed within these general graduation requirements:

  1. Graduates should have excellent language and communication skills, both oral and written, and be familiar with their cultural heritage through literature.
  2. Graduates should be literate in mathematics as the language of science and technology and be computer literate.
  3. Graduates should have a foundation in science and its applications adequate to permit them to participate causatively in the modern technological environment.
  4. Graduates should have a usable understanding of the subjects of ethics, personal integrity and morals adequate to provide a foundation for their creation of their lives.
  5. Graduates should have an understanding of history and the role of individuals in it adequate to enable them to analyze and evaluate current events and situations against the historical backdrop.
  6. Graduates should be proficient students, and be able to be responsible for their further educations, and for the investigation and evaluation of data important to their lives.
  7. Graduates should understand the basics of planning, and the interrelationship of leadership, responsibility and trust, as well as having competently held a position of trust and responsibility in a group.

The Delphi Program has been designed from the ground up to help students of any age prepare themselves for learning and life. The eight basic principles of the program lay out a fundamental philosophy. Very few things could be more important to a parent or a student than understanding a school’s philosophy.

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