Varsity Chess Team Takes 2nd at Oregon HS Championships


Friday and Saturday, March 11th and 12th, the Delphian School Varsity Chess Team participated in the annual Oregon High School Chess Team Championships.  This tournament requires schools to compete as five-player teams. The matches are set up with five chessboards along a table. The teams sit opposite each other, with the best players facing each other across board 1, the second-best players across board 2, and so on. Each individual game won is worth a point for the team; ties are worth a half point. Each team played matches against five different schools.

There were 38 teams from schools of all sizes and from all over the state vying for the title of Oregon chess team champion. Delphian, among the smallest schools in the group, was there with a varsity team led by senior Cody Malick. Delphian’s varsity chess team brought back the trophy for 2nd Place in the OSAA 2A schools. Malick’s teammates were 11th grader Ablai Abdrashitov, and three freshman—Jaime Jose Gonzalez, Michael Clarizio and Arthur Chang. Besides sharing in the team achievement, fourth board player Clarizio took home an individual award for earning the highest score of any 2A player at his position. 

In the open team section of the tournament, which included teams composed of 6th-12th grade students, Delphian fielded a team composed solely of 7th and 8th graders: 8th graders Brett Horton, Charles Byrne and Korbin Springer and 7th graders Chad Platt and McKenna Swanberg. Not to be outdone by their older school mates, they won three out of five games and brought back their own 3rd Place trophy.

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