Like no other school in the world

Get to know Delphian.

Delphian School is an independent, coeducational day and boarding school located in Sheridan, Oregon. We offer a well-rounded academic program with a strong emphasis on practical learning for primary through high school students. Day students are accepted from age five, boarders from age eight. Additionally, Delphian offers a highly regarded English as a Second Language program.

A brief history.
Delphian was founded in the 1970s by a group of educators who shared a dream of transforming education. They felt that many conventional schools were failing too many bright students, and wanted to create a learning environment that held students to high standards in both academics and personal responsibility. Our goal is to empower our students to take responsibility for their education and their lives.

A unique learning environment.
Here, you won’t find teachers lecturing while students rotely take notes. You will find students actively engaged in learning.  The Delphi Program is designed to help students relate what they’re learning to how they will use this information to succeed in life.  You’ll find our students living their education from the moment they walk into our school.  You’ll see lively one-on-one and small group discussions on works of literature or current events. You’ll see students creating clay models to explain a concept. A student giving a presentation on his apprenticeship experience or a topic he’s just researched. And students heading to the science lab or out into the world to test or explore a theory.

Our faculty excel at keeping students motivated and on track with their studies, and you can be assured that each student receives highly personal attention. Every student in our program is treated as an individual, and we seek to help each of them find their own purpose and use for their education.  

Some things you have to see to believe. Delphian is one of them. Contact us to schedule a visit and experience Delphian for yourself.


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