Mexican Official and Delphian Alum Speaks on Drug Cartel Problem

The Mayor of Torreon, Mexico and Delphian School alumnus Eduardo Olmos, spoke to the Upper School and then met with seniors in the advanced senior current events seminar, Headmaster Tea, last Friday. 

As the mayor of Torreon, Mexico’s third largest city (with a population of about 670,000 people), Mayor Olmos talked about his struggles with drug cartel violence in his city.  A long article appeared in the Dec 23, 2010 Wall St. Journal, telling of Mayor Olmos replacing his police chief with a retired Army Colonel.  Due to corruption within the force, he fired his entire 700-member police force and replaced them with retired army members.  As a result of this courageous action, he has been assigned eight body guards by the governor of his state, and the police chief has twenty-five.

Mayor Olmos attributed his ability to confront these issues with integriy and courage to his Delphian education and the tools he learned here (confront, ethics and integrity). His moving story was a testimony to the importance of ethics and integrity at work in the world, and the entire student body was humming with talk afterwards.


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