Because there is so much to do in acquiring a full education, physical and aesthetic activities are made a definite part of the Delphi Program so they don’t get slighted. Accordingly, Delphi students enjoy a wide variety of elective activities outside the classroom every weekday afternoon. We refer to these regularly scheduled afternoon classes as “Co-Curricular” as they include subjects we consider essential to a well-rounded educational experience.

All students participate in both sports and art either as part of a group or individually. Since we encourage our students to do everything they do as professionally as possible, these activities lead inevitably to participation in some public demonstration of skill. For sports, it is through interscholastic competitions or individual sporting meets. In the arts, it may be through choir and instrumental performances, plays, or painting and ceramic exhibits.

Co-Curricular activities may include music, art, ceramics, drama, computers, creative writing, video production, photography, woodshop, yoga, weightlifting, and a variety of interscholastic sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball and tennis. 


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