Alumni Weekend

Ask most any Delphi graduate, and they will tell you that Alumni Weekend is an event they look forward to all year, and with good cause.

Alumni Weekend is a celebration.  It’s a celebration among graduates of the in-common (though far from ordinary) accomplishment of completing the Delphi Program, as well as a chance to reunite with dear friends. It’s a celebration among returning alumni of a place and people that made a real difference in their lives.  It’s a celebration of future—as older alumni welcome the most recent year’s graduates into their ever-growing fold, as new friends are made, and as more and more alumni return with their families, the next generation of Delphi graduates in the making.

The agenda varies from year to year—though we’d be hounded by protest if we ever diverged from favorites such as the Alumni Banquet and 10-year Alumni Roasts.  There are now some newer traditions that are finding their way onto the formal agenda, such as the late-night gatherings and games.

In all, Alumni Weekend is three days spent engaged in sharing—whether it’s one’s experiences since graduation shared with eager students at the alumni seminars, knowledge shared with that year’s guest speaker, or just tales shared with friends, old and new.

Delphi welcomes all of its graduates and alumni back with open arms, whether they come every year or every five or ten years.

Visit our website for more information!


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