Delphian Youth for Human Rights Club Receives Recognition and Grant

On Thursday, September 23rd, Delphian School Youth For Human Rights Club students were awarded the Harold Schnitzer Spirit of Unity Award by the Wholistic Peace Institute at the Student Peace Summit in Portland.  The award was given along with a $500 grant to help the Delphian School Youth for Human Rights group continue their efforts to raise awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and human rights in general.

The purpose of the Wholistic Peace Institute Student Peace Summit is to engage and prepare students to become leaders in the prevention of war and the ending of war.  The Summit featured former First Lady of South Korea, Mrs. Kim Dae Jung, whose husband won the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize.

Delphian School students Gabe Marrazzo and Alison Wilson accepted the award and grant on behalf of the Delphian School Youth for Human Rights group.  They also gave a short presentation on the group’s activities and purpose.

Youth For Human Rights International is an organization dedicated to informing young people about the Universal Declaration for Human Rights and inspiring them to become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace.


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