Invitation From the Head

As an educator, it’s a pleasure to be able to reach so many people through this virtual environment of the internet, something I never would have imagined when I began my career in education. I invite you to spend some time exploring our website, especially the sections related to the school’s philosophy and mission. Then I would encourage you to schedule a time to visit the school, as it is by being on campus and in the classrooms that you will appreciate the true uniqueness of the Delphian School’s program and its close-knit community.

At the core of our philosophy is the desire to put students in control of their educations and their lives, and to help them realize that both are theirs to create. From Lower School through graduation, in ways small and large, students are asked to confront tough challenges in an environment safe enough to fail at times—and safe enough to succeed. Immediate success is always rewarding, but oftentimes students experience the most growth from confronting an academic or life problem and persisting until that problem is resolved. We never agree that students have to remain adversely affected by tough situations; instead, we help them use the skills they have learned to get back on track. With that approach, students become more and more causative over their educations and lives.

When I interview our seniors and ask what they have gained from their Delphian years, they often stress two points:  that they have achieved an ability to study independently and to master whatever they want to learn; and that they have found out who they are as individuals with their own uniqueness and potentialities. Thus they are equipped to build upon that dynamic foundation.

We warmly welcome you to come and join us on our lovely 800-acre Oregon campus for a tour or school event.

Rosemary Didear


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