Student Blogs: Mariandrea – Getting Close to Graduation

As the year is coming down to its final months, the pressure is on for all of the seniors. We are all working hard to graduate.  (At Delphian, you don’t just graduate at the end of the school year; you have to achieve a whole list of graduation requirements that aren’t just academic but address areas of responsibility, integrity, leadership and application of everything you’ve learned at the school.  So it’s a lot of work to make sure you’ve actually proven that you have completed all of those graduation requirements.)

Spring Break happened two weeks ago and the seniors that are trying to graduate had the option to stay at the school during the break and get ahead on their studies. For those ten days we studied about ten hours a day and worked with staff at the school for two. It was a good push made by us all and it was also a lot of fun. After the break it was time to start working even harder; the time is ticking away and we need to really get moving. Right now the focus is on academics and really working hard.

One thing that makes Delphian’s senior class different from any other school is that we become like a really close family. We support each other through the good and the bad. We might get in little disagreements, but we work hard together to make everyone’s goals. Each individual in the senior class is recognized and acknowledge when they graduate. Every senior will make a speech the day they complete Form 8 (12th grade) sharing their accomplishments and achievements. Although we are a tight group, every single person is as important as the next, and we want everyone to make it.

As the time for me to graduate approaches I’ll make sure to post more updates.  That’s all from the hill for now.

Read more from Mariandrea here.


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