Student Blogs: Kristel – First softball game – and we won!

Today the Delphian Varsity Girls’ Softball team played our first game (it was a preseason game) and we won!  We played against the local school, Sheridan High School. The final score was 14-10.

I was really proud to be a part of a team that was really excited about playing softball. Throughout the game, all of the girls were cheering each other on, and that made the game really enjoyable. I couldn’t help thinking about how awesome it was that I got to play with a good group of girls who really loved being there and were just enjoying their time together. I know that we have a really fun group for this season.

Not to mention, our amazing coach! He makes everything so much fun and he is so easy to talk to. The Varsity Boys’ Team was playing against Sheridan as well, and because their game ended before ours, they came over to watch us and cheer us on. It was so great to suddenly have so many more fans who were so loud and supportive. This is a really great group, and I am so excited to play the rest of the season with them!

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