Student Blogs: Melissa – Poverty and Education

Did you know that 85% of the world lives in poverty? I didn’t know that until recently.

Once a month, Delphian holds an assembly where students who have completed major steps on their academic program are acknowledged and our Headmistress gives an address to the student body on different subjects. At the last HM Address, I found out that I am part of the 15% of people that get to enjoy an education like the one I am receiving at Delphian. An education that any of of those children who are in poverty would love to receive. So I realized there is no reason why I should EVER complain about what I have and the education I am receiving.

Hearing this Address was life-changing. So, I think I can live with having to keep my room clean and the wardrobe I have. Some people out there would love to have what I have. With my Delphian education, I plan on helping that 85% one day.


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