Delphian Alumni: Chris Nosko

“I think the purpose of studying most academic subjects at a higher level is to gain a better understanding of how the world works,” says Delphian School graduate, Chris Nosko, when asked about his favorite subject. “Economics provides a set of tools that shed light on the way people make decisions and interact with each other. It influences public policy; it helps provide solutions to poverty; it even provides tools to help us understand seemingly unrelated problems such as crime and cheating.”

Chris graduated Delphi in 1996. After a brief stint as a computer programmer, he attended the University of Chicago where he earned a degree in economics and history and went to work for an economic consulting firm in Chicago. Chris’s interest in economics grew to the point that he accepted a position with the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and from there applied to Harvard University to earn a PhD in the subject. He was accepted, entering the program in the fall of 2005.

Chris reflects on the role his Delphi education played in getting him there, saying, “This is something that I’ve realized over time, but my Delphi experience has been incredibly important for me. I found that I had a very singular focus going through my classes and if I really think back about where that came from, it has a lot to do with Delphi. I’m talking about the sense of responsibility you get, the sense of pushing through projects, the sense of being in a position of leadership. I don’t pretend that I’ll finish my PhD and revolutionize the subject of economics. But I see the possibilities of making positive change through economics as being so vast that even incremental improvements can have large effects. My hope is that I will contribute to economic knowledge and that increase in knowledge will translate into a better world through the role economics plays in our lives.”


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