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The past weeks have been excruciatingly busy. Never mind, let me exclude “Excruciating”: the word would not do justice to the fun I have had. Busy? Absolutely. Under the rigorous schedule that I have set for myself, I find that I sometimes just want to sleep. In fact, if I had been forced into this amount of  work, or was expected to do it in another school, you most likely would find me not doing it. But here, it is a joy to have so many activities available.

I am participating in the Parents Weekend play this year. Every year there are two major drama productions. One is the Thanksgiving Play. The other is during Parents’ Weekend (the last weekend of the year, where Prom, Commencement, and the play take place). I couldn’t do the Thanksgiving Play because I was away (I was in England during that time – you can read my post on it if you’re interested), but now I am happy to be part of the Parents’ Weekend Play. The play for this year is Oklahoma!.

Frankly, I was not too excited at first, given that I did not know what the play is about, and that it is a musical. From the name, I pictured farmland and boredom, and from it being a musical, I thought to myself that it would not be fun, as I have never been in a musical, and I am not an experienced singer. But after finding out how great a production this is, I have to say that I am very excited about it. When I was told my part, I got quite happy, but there was a compromise: I had to join choir.

Choir is a big part of the school. A lot of the students at Delphian are a part of it. I was one of the few that were not. But play came along, and I got a part in it, and my responsibility as an actor dictated that I was to give the best performance possible, and since this year we are doing a musical, it only made sense that my voice should improve so I could sing well when I performed. So it came to be that I joined Choir.

While I love performing, I was a little unsure about my decision to join choir.  However, my first day was a revelation: choir is not bad! At all! The short time I have been in it has certainly been fun, and the practice I have received has helped me greatly. It is definitely a decision I do not regret.

So the preparations for the play continue, and every day I am more ready for the awaited performance.

I also have to study hard; being that the end of the year approaches, the overall pressure to work towards graduation increases, and herein lies another part of my busy schedule.

Lastly, I am also part of the Tennis Team. This is another demanding activity that I am a part of, but it has been very rewarding and entertaining. And it is also a good source of recreation, though racquetball remains unbeaten as the sport that is the most fun (in my opinion).

So here my general schedule has been dismantled for you, reader, to see. As I said: it is not excruciating. The truth is, it is unbelievably fun, and I would not change it for a spell of stagnation and lack of production.

– Eduardo

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