Delphian School Jazz Choir takes 1st Place at Pleasant Hill Jazz Festival

Pleasant Hill is the largest school jazz festival in the state, with about thirty high schools and ten middle schools sending jazz bands and choirs to participate.

In the preliminary round the Delphian Jazz choir performed 3 songs. “Time’s a’ Wastin'” is a blues piece that has solos from vocalists, Guy Eskinazi and Kristel Ehrlich. Then they performed “Here’s That Rainy Day” a poignant ballad featuring Jeff Spick and Kristel Ehrlich. They closed with the exciting Brazilian tune “Desafinado”. It featured vocal solos by Savana St. Aubin, JJ Pinkus, and Guy Eskinazi and a piano solo from Elizabeth Strickland. Judge Dave Barduhn, a legendary musician, composer and educator and one of the founders of the Jazz Choir genre gave the Delphian choir high praise for their work and improvement since he last saw them at the Clackamas Jazz Festival in March. He also gave them advice on how to take their performance to the next level of excellence.

In the finals the choir performed a new song, “Home At Last”, a Steely Dan classic arranged by director, Craig Bader. This featured solos from Veronika Bschorr, Jake Kretchmar, Jeff Spick, Savana St. Aubin and Andrew Walther, as well as some fabulous work by the rhythm section of Remi Keough, drums, Kathleen Yang, keyboard bass and Elizabeth Strickland, piano. They got an enthusiastic response from the audience.

After the final choirs sang, the trophies were awarded. Kristel Ehrlich was awarded the Outstanding Soloist award in Delphian’s division for her solo on “Time’s a’ Wastin.'” Delphian was then announced as the 1st Place winner.


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