Student Services

All students aged nine and older participate in Student Services, a program of contribution to the operation and maintenance of the school. The Student Service program not only helps the school run smoothly, but it also helps the students gain a greater appreciation and responsibility for the work involved and gives them experience producing and exchanging as part of an organization.

Students spend some time each weekday helping out in a variety of areas. For example, students may be asked to assist in the dining room either preparing or cleaning up after meals, or they may be asked to contribute in the computer center, in the classrooms or in the library. Tasks range from simple jobs such as sweeping or filing to more challenging projects and/or community service.

Upper classmen are asked to hold positions of responsibility as their student service, such as becoming a dorm or bathroom crew captain. Students participating in Student Council often have their Student Council jobs as their student service due to the time involved in fulfilling their Student Council responsibilities.  

Middle School students participate for 45 minutes a day, and Upper School students for 50 minutes. Student Service time is planned so as to avoid interference with the students’ academic programs.


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