Delphian Takes Trophy at US Chess Federation Tournament

Nine Delphian Chess Club members competed in a United States Chess Federation-rated chess tournament in Corvalis. The Delphian team normally participates in two tournaments of this type a year, both of which are quite challenging.

In the Novice section, Jarod Vincent took 3rd and Gabe Sanders took 2nd. In the Under 800-rated section, Connor Oak took 2nd and Brett Horton took 1st (this is the second tournament in a row that Brett has gone undefeated). In the Over 800 section, Dillon Rivera took 3rd, with Cody Malick and Charles Byrne finishing right behind. Of the nine Delphian players, five brought home trophies for individual competition.

The team competition was likewise very close. The Delphian team, consisting of Colin Malick, Cody Malick, Brett Horton and Connor Oak, scored 16 points, half a point better than their nearest challenger, and took home the trophy for team champion. The second Delphian team, composed of Dillon Rivera, Charles Byrne, Gabe Sanders and Jarod Vincent, scored 15 points and took 3rd Place Team.

Overall, Delphian took both 1st and 3rd Place in the team competition.


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