Delphian Senior has Article Published in Statesman Journal

An essay written by Delphian School senior and Academic All-Star, Joseph Kim, was recently published by Salem’s Statesman Journal. The article discusses what Joseph would do if elected Governor of Oregon. Here’s the article:

If I were elected governor, I would make spurring new jobs a high priority just as President Obama said in his speech last week. First, I would work to get more public works projects started, similar to what was done during the Great Depression. People could be put to work renovating Oregon bridges, building a new bridge across the Columbia River or modernizing buildings owned by the state to make them more energy efficient. The benefits from these projects would be seen for many years into the future. More people would be working, construction companies would be more successful, and fewer people would be collecting unemployment insurance.

Second, I would offer tax breaks or other incentives to Oregon companies who hired new people. This would encourage existing companies to grow and put more people to work. I would raise taxes on companies that are sending jobs out of the country.

Third, I would have the state economists determine which business areas need more trained workers now and provide government assistance to train jobless people who want those jobs. I wouldn’t want to spend tax money training people for jobs that will not exist.

Last, I would talk to governors of other states to find what successful programs they have had that could be used in Oregon. I’d do my best to help more Oregonians get jobs.


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