Delphian Students Create “A Touch of Magic” at the Mayor’s Ball

Delphian School students have been volunteering at the annual McMinnville Mayor’s Charity Ball long enough to become a staple at the fundraiser, which raises money for the local Kids on the Block program.

This year, Delphian Senior Jenna Hanson was in charge of making decorative wall hangings for the ball. The theme of this year’s Ball was “A Touch of Magic.” To coordinate with this theme, Jenna and her project team-mate, Leah DeVeau, made eight giant 8’x4′ playing cards, which were sketched on canvas and then painted.  Jenna and Leah also created and painted 2 posters advertising Houdini and Kellar, which were used as decorations on the upper floor of the building. Delphian Sophomore Andrew Walther created a life-sized wire man which was also on display.

For the night of the Ball, Jenna coordinated eight other students to accompanied her in volunteering with serving and cleanup. “It was a very fun project,” Jenna said. “Doing this gave me a chance to expand my practical and artistic abilities while contributing to something important in the community.”


One Response to Delphian Students Create “A Touch of Magic” at the Mayor’s Ball

  1. thanks for the inspiration, your blog looks excellent! I have been having trouble getting motivated working on mine but this definitely pumped me up!

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