Delphian School hosts Chess for Success Regional Championships

For the fifth year in a row, Delphian School hosted the Chess for Success regional championship chess tournament. Nearly 100 top players from Kindergarten through 12th grade came from all over Yamhill and Polk County to compete for regional champion honors. Top finishers move on to the state championships held in Portland this March.

Tournament Director, Rod Bixler, of McMinnville welcomed the players and started the competition at 10:00am. The students shook hands and went to work, quietly but fiercely battling for control of the boards. By mid afternoon the results began coming in.

Delphian student Conn McCurry captured the title for 8th grade regional champion. “The competition was challenging,” Conn said, “and I didn’t know if I could keep winning, but I just kept playing my best. I think it’s so great to be going to states!” Conn’s younger teammate, Brett Horton, placed First for the 7th grade and will be going to the state championships with him.

Other winners advancing to states included Jeb Meaders of Dayton High School for 9th-12th grade; Ammon Jeffries of Talmadge Middle School in Independence for 6th grade; Zebuli Kiggens of Henry Hill Elementary School in Independence for 5th grade; and Roman Gabriel and John Bradley from Henry Hill Elementary for K-4th grade. Elise Morgan of Dayton Elementary School also qualified for states for 5th grade.       

For more information about the Chess for Success state championships, visit their website at


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